Where/ how to start my website.. I don’t know (blocked)

Where/ how to start my website.. I don’t know.

I purchased my web host (web site?) a couple of months ago. But somehow it’s difficult to start doing something on my site. It feels different from writing here on my free blog.Since I’m teaching OPIC, I was planned to write some tips forKorean students about OPIC in Korean. But still I don’t know what to do. I’m blocked.

Starting is always difficult. But I know once I start, things go on its way.


귀찮아 or 지겨워 it’s a hassle or it’s tedious

Guichan-a 귀찮아 Tedious?

In Korean, we say Guichan-a (귀찮아) quite often, for example when you have to go out on a cold winter day to take out a garbage, we say imply,Guichan-a. Or while studying English, when we meet a new word and we can guess the meaning of it but not exactly we might say “ shall I look up the dictionary? No, Guichan-a.(meaning it’s too much work to look it up so I won’t) It can be translated into bothersome? cumbersome? too much work?

can’t be botherd? What about hassle?

hassle N.,V. inconvenient, bother, problem

How to repair 10 common household hassles

1. Soften brown sugar

2. Open jars with ease

10. remove pet hair


Yesterday I found the work “tedious” and it might be used to say Guichan-a (귀찮아)

tedious adj. too long, slow, or dull: tiresome or monotonous.

(Hmm it sounds more like 지겨워 than 귀찮아 – ___ –

Jigyeoweo 지겨워 tiresome or monotonous, hating )

Which household chore do you find most tedious?(from Yahoo Answers)

(A1)The most tedious around here is the almost daily detail of what to do with certain things, files & ect

(A2)Without a doubt it is vacuuming. Though it is not “hard”, it is a pain to get the machine from the closet, unroll the cord, go across the floors, moving the inn tables, and chairs around, roll the cord back up, and put the machine away.

(A3)I hate all housework. But, I think I hate doing laundry the very most!

(Oh it’s like 지겨워 plus 귀찮아 ^^) 

I need more research on it

How to change system language (software language) of Scrivener

Changing system language of Scrivener

The reason I bought Scrivener2 is that when I downloaded free trial, one thing that bothered me was the system language. For example, on the menu bar, file, edit, view… help were written in Korean but on the left side, binder, trash… were in English. So it was frustrating because the manual or tutorials are English. I thought, if I bought Scrivener, I could change the system language (if this is the right term, or maybe software language?) but disappointingly, I didn’t even have to download new one. What I had to do is put the serial number for license. And that’s it. That means that trial version is the same with the one you pay. The only difference is the limit of dates you can use the program. So I sent an e-mail to customer service. But a few hours later, by accident I knew that I could change it in “options” (tools-> general->options) (F2). So I had to send another mail to customer service to say the problem was solved.

답답해 stuffy/ frustrated



영어로는 우리처럼 답답하다가 하나의 표현이 아니므로

상황별표현을 알아야 합니다.


1. 코가 막혔다


I have a stuffy nose.

(코 나온다는 I have a runny nose.)


2. 방이 작다.


I have a stuffy room.


3. 영어가 안된다. (심리적 답답함)


I’m frustrated when I speak English.


영어로 말할 때면 답답하다.

(내가 하고 싶은 말을 다 못해서 이겠죠)


4. 숨막혀 (그냥 답답함을 넘어서 숨이 막히는 지경)


I feel like I’m suffocating in my room.

방에 있으면 숨막히는 것 같아.

(방이 작거나 싫은 사람이랑 있거나 둘중 하나겠죠)

My room is so small that it’s suffocating.



suffocating 자체가 형용사로

I’m suffocated라고 하지 않습니다.


vi:to die because you are unable to breathe

vi:to be uncomfortable because there is not

enough fresh air

Vt:to kill (someone) by making breathing



First post using scrivener

Posting via Scrivener

Today I am going to… wow the fonts are great, they look

like fonts which old typewriters had.I love it. Well I

didn’t much like Courier new. As soon as I start writing

I notice that it’s a way more comfortable to write on

Scrivener than using MS word. It will be great to learn

And get used to how to use Scrivener… any way I am going

to post a page on my blog using Scrivener.

I’ve learned how to export this document to HTML file.

Great! I’ve struggled posting and wanted to know how to blog using html file, Finally I found the solution.

Worksheet and proofreading

Making a new worksheet needs a lot of proofreading/ editing process. While creating a worksheet, if the questions is simple,  I ask questions on wordreference.com   http://forum.wordreference.com/forumdisplay.php?f=6
Great site with a lot of great mind people.

Once the worksheet is done, I send it to an editing service site.But there are still questions remain. on my head phones or with my.. using my…Actually even though all of on, with and using are correct, in the context they may not proper from time to time. It’s frustrating. But it’s progress of learning, I think.

Checklist for creating the worksheet

This would be the procedures I am going to refer in the future whenever I create the new worksheet.

1 Topic
2. Research expressions
3. Sample sentences (10+)
4. Short readings (3+)
5. Exercises
(including guided writing or sentence building)
6. On your own part (writing or speaking)
7. layout
8. Revise

*** Gather all the info, voca, expressions, sample sentences…
Don’t think of organizing first. Pick what I need from them.

Creating worksheets

It’s way more fun to layout and adjust layouts again and again than create contents.
Anyway it takes so much time. So to make 6-7 pages of worksheets for OPIC it takes more than a week. Oh my.
But the more I work the more skills on MS word I get. Yesterday I learned new word ” desktop publishing software”and downloaded a free program ” Pageplus” It will save a lot of time to arrange text boxes.